I cannot believe that summer is already here! This year has flown by, and I can’t believe that I am almost done with my junior year! There are many essentials that I must have throughout my summer break. Here are my top 5:


1) Lip Balm! It is great because it keeps your lips from getting chapped while protecting them from the hot sun! My favorite is the pink EOS lip balm!

2) Music! Music is definitely a summer essential, especially when I go to the beach. I love to just turn on my iPod and listen to music for hours. I have a very wide-ranging interest in music. My favorite summer songs of the moment are, My Body by Young the Giant, Payphone by Maroon 5, We Are Young by Tonight and Midnight City by M83.

3) A good book! I love spending my summers at the beach. While at the beach, I love to sit down and read for hours. One of my favorite book series is The Hunger Games, which I read last summer. I have also heard great reviews about the Pretty Little Liars series, which I may read this summer. Nicholas Sparks books always interest me, and I am currently reading his most recent book, The Best of Me.

4) Cute bathing suits are definitely a must-have for the summer! I love getting bathing suits with bright patterns and colors, which look great with a tan. Victoria’s Secret is having a huge sale on a lot of their bathing suits, so I recently got some from there. Target also has really cute bathing suits at a very affordable price.



5) My last summer essential is fruit! I love fruit anytime of the year, but during the summer it is the best! Whether it is strawberries, blueberries or apples, fruit is always the most refreshing snack. I especially love going to Whole Foods Market, because they always have the best fruit. Fruit is also great to make a smoothie with or a refreshing fruit salad!


Let me know what you summer essentials are! I love trying out new things especially in the summer! I hope you all enjoy my first Dormify post, and I look forward to writing many more!


Links To Pictures:

EOS Lip Balm

Victoria’s Secret Bathing Suit