Before I head off to college in August, I wanted to organize the many beauty products and makeup bags scattered around my bathroom. After a quick run to Bed, Bath and Beyond and Target, I had all the organizational tools I needed to organize my makeup and jewelry (and once I started it became an obsession). The best part is, it’s organized so that it’s easy to just take what I need with me when I move back to DC!

I started out by placing everything in storage baskets, like the ones below:


And color-coding my nail polish!

I also put all my perfume and lotion in a pink storage box to give it a pop of color: 

All of my daily essentials went in a cute bathroom organization box, so that I could easily retrieve them:

And I organized my makeup according to what I use most often in my makeup bags:

Then, all of that went onto some bathroom shelves so everything was visible and reachable!

And then I moved onto jewelry. First, I organized my actual jewelry box.

I love that I will be able to just take it with me to college!

Then, I organized the rest in boxes:

I also used this foldable and see-thru zippered organizer from Victoria’s Secret. It also unfolds and hangs on your door!

Finally, I put all of my rings on this ring shoe I bought on Portobello Road in London… how cute! And a perfect decorating piece for my new dorm room! 

What are your organizational must-haves?