Even if we all haven’t had the chance to ride camels in Morocco, strike a pose in front of the Coliseum, or skydive over the Great Barrier Reef, there’s no reason why your dorm décor has to be confined by the extent of your personal travels.  We say “a girl can dream” so why not let her?

Our Ornate Traveler trend gives everyone the opportunity to achieve first class style without any of the turbulence and jet lag. Featuring tribal patterns, bold prints, and exotic colors so cool you’ll want to Pin them, this trend successfully brings global adventure to the dorm room. Roommates will think your passport has more stamps than Angelina Jolie’s when your bed is covered with our global inspired décor like the Wisdom Pillow and Harmony Comforter


We aren’t the only ones taking flight for this trend. For their Spring and Summer 2012 collections, high end fashion embraced the trend and sent geometric, Afrocentric prints down the runway. Off the catwalk, our favorite celebs grazed the streets with tribal inspired prints. Some even daring enough to execute the tribal trend with mix-matching prints. 


When it comes to global influences in home décor mixing and matching prints and colors is an easy way to help execute the look.  Turn your room into its own melting post..  Play with patterns and colors like Ikat, and Marrakesh, and oranges, browns, purples and teals. Mix materials like gold metallic’s, linen  and Mongolian fur. Add texture and culture to your room and go beyond the horizon!

Although a trip to an exotic place may not last forever, global inspired home décor is a lasting look. Join the tribe.