I was so excited to ditch the high school summer assignments as I entered my summer before freshman year of college, but I quickly realized my checklist of things to do was just as long, if not even longer. Dorm room decorating, shopping for college essentials, signing up for classes, finding a roommate, attending orientation…and preparing for fall rush.


If you think it’s too early to start rush preparations, think again! And, check the deadline for your school’s sorority recommendations sooner than later. Rec letters are a great way for a prospective sorority to know that you are the kind of girl they are looking for. These letters must be written by someone who has been a member of that house, so take the time to ask the people in your life if they were ever involved in Greek life. Many of the deadlines for recs are mid-summer, so don’t waste anymore time. And, if someone is nice enough to write you a letter, provide them a resume so that they know all about the great activities you have been involved in and what you have to offer next year!

Mark Your Calendar

Get out your calendar and get onto your school’s website to find out the dates of all the rush events. Many schools rush before classes even begin (I’m going a week early to rush- so I had to consider this while making flights and reserving a move-in date for my dorm). Rush is a busy, busy time, especially if it is as you enter a new school where you don’t know your way around. Mark down all the dates, times and places you are expected to be. Being late and lost is never a good first impression!

Start Shopping!

This is the task that I didn’t need much encouraging to get started on. The important part is that you make a list of what you are going to need to be wearing during rush. Many schools have helpful fall rush information online, which often breaks down the dress code for each day. If not, ask someone you know who has been through it themselves!

And keep in mind, while you always want your own style to shine through, you should do your research and figure out what most people wear to rush each year. How dressy? What styles are popular at your new school? Should you wear flats or heels? (The expectations and dress codes vary from school to school: My friend planning on rushing at University of Alabama is not expected to wear what I will be wearing at UCLA rush.) If you are able to check off all the items on your rush shopping list, you will be well-dressed and worry-free come fall.

Don’t forget to smile!

Don’t stress yourself out over this. Rush is presenting your best self and flashing your best smile. All the older girls in the houses have gone through this process, too. Here’s some advice from girls who have already gone through it:

“Be yourself, because as much as you are worried about a house choosing you, you should be more focused on where you will fit in best and which girls are most similar to you!”

“While the process can seem very overwhelming and daunting at times, in order to ensure that you show the sororities your true self, it is important to stay calm, take a breath, and most importantly, have fun.”


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