In order to brighten your attitude and bring positivity into your life, it’s essential that the changes begin in the home. There are an incredible amount of ways to enhance your mood and foster your positive attitude through your living space, whether it is a dorm, apartment, or just your bedroom at home! 

        My personal Hair poster decor!


This new series of articles will provide a number of possible decorative changes that can be made to improve the energy flow in your own room to help promote a positive environment. Not only can these changes make you smile, but they will definitely also be fun to carry out. Not to mention, they will likely add some stylish flare to your room. 

I thought it’d be great to kick off this series with a few fun and easy tips that will get you started on your own personal adventure towards the happiness. One of the most key factors that set the mood in a room is the color theme. I think it’s best to start the room design process by brainstorming what you want to get out of it, what the final product should look like, and what color theme will be used to bring it all together! If you need any help figuring out color schemes you can always do what I have done – check out the collections on Dormify for ideas and ask local home and design stores for color combos. 



Photo compliments of Dormify: California Girl Collection. I love bright colors, especially yellows, in bedroom color schemes. They really brighten up the room.


Photo compliments of Dormify: Spirtually Chic Collection. Although not as bright as the first color scheme, subdued color themes with a few bright accents will create a more serene atmosphere for your room. Also, check out those handy color blocks in the top left corner. The collections help to lay out your color scheme for you and will help you piece together the items that you need to begin your perfect living space.


It’s essential that you start off on your road to happiness (one decorative step at a time!) by figuring out this color scheme and putting together the necessary paint, bed sheets, throw pillows, and accessories to make it happen. Once you have taken that step, you’re well on your way to a happy, healthier living space. 


Check out my Pinterest for dorm and apartment items that I love and keep checking back for new posts in this series. Happy decorating!


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