When you move into your dorm room, you are  probably only going to have two places to sit: on your bed or on your desk chair. That is if you’re not fortunate to have a sitting area inside your room, of course. Sometimes you and your friends are just going to want to chill in your room some nights, and having everyone pile up on your bed is not always ideal. Therefore, you want to invest in some seating! Purchase some chairs or stools that can fold up and when you’re not using them you can place them under the bed, or in the closet. They are easy to transport so you can also take them to your neighbors room when you go visit them! Or find something not to big and overbearing for your room, like Dormify’s Pouf!  It can even been used as a coffee table or a ottoman when you want to put your feet up and relax.


Look for seating that goes with your bedding, or even customize them to fit your style. With extra sheets you can cover a stool seat to make it go hand in hand with the theme of your room. Your friends will be impressed that they have a place to sit, and that it’s cute as well!