The countdown to fall formal recruitment has begun and that means new Greek t-shirts for all the sororities across America. Having just the right shirt, and just the right slogan, is vital for recruitment success. And just like any fashion brand, greek apparel has it’s own trends and popular styles. Getting it right means adding energy and excitement to a chapter’s entire recruitment week. Get it wrong and it will dampen spirits and reflect poorly on the sorority.

On my sorority sugar tumblr blog I view and post hundreds of sorority tee shirts a week. There are so many fabulous designs; I don’t envy the task of selecting which style to go with. The pressure is on to attract attention and be memorable!

The four things to consider are shirt style, color, design and slogan. While the basic short-sleeved t-shirt is always a reliable standby; the tank top is much more popular for warm weather recruitment. Tanks add a little extra sass, and they are more fun to wear with shorts in August or early September. Another popular trend is the deep V-neck with a slightly shorter short-sleeve. They are more feminine, lighter and cooler than the basic tee.

Colors should enhance the theme of the day. For example, Tiffany blue, tropical pink or emerald green can bring a themed round to life. Carefully matching the shirts to the theme is a must for formal recruitment. No longer will just any old color do. Chapters should coordinate a total package from fashion – to food – to décor.

Time to talk design. I’ve spotted three top trends for fall… first up is the shiny foil letters on tanks and tees. The gold or silver foil looks terrific on any shirt color, and it punches the “wow factor” up a notch. Another trend is the patriotic ‘merica designs. Red, white & blue combined with Greek letters is very popular this season. And my third pick is the Lilly loving look. With the release of even more Lilly Pulitzer sorority patterns this summer, any shirt that incorporates even an essence of Lilly will be a huge success.

And finally – the crowning touch – a clever slogan that merges the chapter’s recruitment theme, sorority motto and their greek letters all together. I recommend giving this plenty of time and attention, because what the shirt says is just as important as all the other elements combined. A catchy, clever shirt will boost moral, attract members and become world famous on the social media sites. One day it will be seen on Pinterest, Facebook and a blog like sorority sugar.  No pressure!


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