Now that the summer is dying down, and there are only a few short weeks before classes start again, you may be squeezing a few more vacations into the remaining time! You may even be working on your hot summer body in preparation for seeing all of your friends again! As glorious as vacation time is, sticking to your diet can be a tough challenge when you’re away from home. However, there are a few tips you can pack with you to make it easier!

1. Don’t drink your calories. This may seem like a no-brainer, but specially around beaches and hotels, fancy smoothies and sodas seem to go hand-in-hand with sunbathing by the pool. The sad fact is, A strawberry daiquiri contains around 250 calories. Down two, and you’ve taken in as many calories as an average meal! Treat yourself to some ice cold water instead, and splash it up with some MiO or Crystal Light (they even have “mocktails” so you don’t blow your calorie intake on alcohol!). You’ll stay hydrated and save yourself from the hidden calories and sugar.

2. Pack your own snacks. Ditch the bags of chips and high-sodium pretzels. Pack your beach/pool bag with a filling trail mix and fresh veggies. Celery and carrots have a high water content, that will keep you full and hydrated. A wedge of Laughing Cow cheese is really yummy with veggies too! Craving chips? Try a healthy alternative like Hummus Chips or Veggie Straws. You’ll save money and calories if you pack healthy snacks!

3. Keep portions in mind. When eating out on vacation, look for healthier entrees, but remember that restaurant portions are much larger than you really need. Think about portion sizes before you down a whole plate of food. Grilled fish and light salads are great alternatives. Ask about whole-wheat breads for sandwiches, and opt for no butter on veggie sides!

4. Stay active! At least for me, plenty of vacation hours are dedicated to laying in the sunshine and working on my tan.  Waking up early for a run on the beach or a vigorous bike ride starts your day on a good foot and can give you lasting energy throughout the day. If the place you are staying offers a gym, take advantage of it! You may be able to justify all of that time laying around by the pool. Also, look for fun ways to stay active with your family and friends; hiking, volleyball, etc! Remember to keep yourself hydrated, and go for a dip in the pool after a hard workout or hike.

5. Give yourself a break. You can’t use this excuse for everything, but you are on vacation. Eat well for two out of three meals a day, and let yourself indulge just a bit for the third meal. Treat yourself to a little decadence after a long day, or split a dessert with one or two other people. Enjoy your vacation without counting every single calorie!

Most importantly, enjoy the rest of your summer. Before we know it, it will be move-in day!



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