As MadTv once put it, “you work that updo”; and that is exactly what you will do this summer.

The first style that is easy to pull off is the ‘girl next door’ ponytail where the hair is pulled into an elastic high off your neck. This look not only cools you down on a warm summer day but also makes your eyes, smile and sun-kissed skin pop. Don’t underestimate the ponytail’s simplicity. It can easily be given a little more character by a simple twist of the hair around the tip of your finger with a styling product to create a cute, simple curly-cue.  If you still want a little more personality added to your hair, try the addition of a ribbon. Not only will the high ponytail protect your hairstyle from the unforgiving temperatures of the summer, but it will also fit perfectly in an adjustable baseball cap. 

Another easy and adorable hairstyle for the hot and humid summer is a low braid to the side.  This style can easily be spiced up by adding the touch of a headband or ribbon tied around the head. This simple style will keep your hair looking tamed and relaxed throughout the day so that you can play in the sun with the ease of knowing that your hairstyle is very forgiving for all occasions. 

Another tip: Your sunscreen does not have to go to waste! Studies have shown that sunscreen can be applied and used as a hair product. Not only will the sunscreen give your hair the sleek and sexy look, but it will give your hair the shine and protection that is necessary during the summer months.

Take advantage of the summer with your sun-kissed skin, and maximize your look with these hair styles!