Don’t you just love the way your skin glistens, shines and looks oh so radiant after a spa day?!?! Isn’t it just a shame that your pocketbook cannot allow yourself to splurge on such beauty techniques as often as you would like. If only there was a way to give your skin the total spa package without costing yourself a penny. Good news! You actually can! It takes a simple trip to the beach either by yourself, with friends, family or the two kids that you are babysitting.

First, lightly scrub your legs and arms with wet sand; by doing so, you are exfoliating your skin, removing all the dead and dull layers of skin which in turn releases the radiant and healthy skin below that has just be waiting to see the warmth of the summer sun. A couple factors you have to take into account are (1) How sensitive your skin is and (2) if you have recently shaved your legs, save exfoliating for another day. 


Once you have fully exfoliated both your arms and legs, take a nice relaxing dip in the saltwater. Studies have shown that the saltwater provides many internal and external benefits. Externally, the saltwater acts as a form of detox and has been found to treat eczema, psoriasis and acne. Salt water contains bromide which has been found to aid in relieving muscle soreness and pain. The saltwater has also been found to promote cellular regeneration. 

After a day at the beach, your skin will glow from the combination of the sun, saltwater and sand. Don’t you think that it is time to wear that skirt to flaunt your skin this evening? I do!