With summer virtually in full swing, college fashionistas everywhere are out and about and looking for the next best thing. Luckily, there are summer trends aplenty for the busy girls out there.

What’s trending this summer, you might ask? Well, surf the web a bit and you’ll see the lovely “high-low” hem gracing dresses everywhere. The dresses sport a long, maxi look in the back that shortens toward the front of the dress. It’s like a hybrid of the maxi dress but with more versatility and, in my opinion, a more chic look.

I’ve never really been able to adopt the maxi trend because of my short stature (4’10’’ and proud!), but the high-low look is definitely something I’ll be stocking up on this summer. The short front allows a lot more room to move around, and it is definitely petite-friendly.

Gone are the days where I stroll past a boutique and glare angrily at the maxi skirts and dresses whose hemlines were crafted just to spite short girls everywhere. Sandals? They would scoff at me. Pssh. You can’t wear me without an extra 4 inches to help you out. (Luckily, I wear waterproof mascara.)

Now that can be a thing of summer’s past. These high-low beauties look just as daring with or without those chunky platforms you just splurged on and will help you make the most of your summer months.

 This first high-low is in an absolutely gorgeous royal blue (also available in coral and jade). It’s also a steal from Gojane.com. Ruffles adorn the bust of the dress as well as the hemline, making for a ‘casual luxe’ appearance. This dress could easily be seen at a poolside party especially with some strappy sandals. The dress comes with a braided leather belt, but the style of the dress is so versatile that you could coordinate it with any belt in your closet to make it look fabulous.

The second dress is from Forever 21 (Check out their huge selection of super affordable looks here!).  I’m absolutely in love with this orangey, coral shade and the chiffon makes it so airy and ethereal— just the kind of lightness needed during the summer. It sports small ruffles on the hemline as well. Pair it with some wedges/sandals and big sunglasses, and I think this would make the perfect beach outfit. The only thing missing is a big straw hat and a little bit of a sunburn!

Rest assured that this will be a trend I pursue this summer, and I urge everyone else to try it too! With so many options, college girls will easily find their summer funds running low quickly. Nonetheless, it’s a flattering, beachy-feeling style that will have you praying for a summer that never ends.