Hello summer! Most of us have been waiting all year to be able to bask in the greatness of the sun so that we can lose the ghastly pale color and indulge in the natural bronzing that occurs to our sun-kissed skin. If only our skin could look as healthy as it does in the summer all year round! In order to do so, it starts now!

The summer must-have for your skin is the Neutrogena Body Oil, Light Sesame Formula. The Neutrogena formula not only keeps your skin silky, soft, and smooth for the time being, but it also gives your skin more lasting effects that leave you looking both healthy and radiant all year round. The trick is to apply the Neutrogena formula right after you shower so that you can dry off and make sure that your skin is properly hydrated.

It is important to not only take care of your skin after you are out of the sun, but also when you are in the direct rays of the summer sun. On the contrary to popular belief that a burn turns into a tan, the best way to get a deep, rich and healthy tan is by using sunscreen (and higher doses of it!).

Another summer must have for skin care is the Neutrogena Spray. Not only is the Neutrogena Sunscreen Spray protecting your skin from the negative rays of sun, but it also is oil-free which keep your skin looking clear, healthy and radiant. Neutrogena “Wet Skin” Sunblock Spray is often the most preferred by teens and college students because it applies a very refreshing, light weighing coat of protection that can be applied on damp skin without any repercussions. Another wonderful feature about the “Wet Skin” Sunblock Spray is that the long, arduous waits that previous sunscreens require before returning to the fun is no longer necessary with this fast-acting spray! 

Neutrogena Body Oil, Light Sesame Formula can be found at your local drug store for around $8-$12 for an 8-ounce bottle.

Neutrogena “Wet Skin” Sunblock Spray can be found at your local drug store for around $7-$10 for a 5-ounce canister.