If it begins with an “s” it will more likely than not be stored when you first move into your dorm.

Move in day is notorious for being the hottest day of the year whether you go to school in Maine, Florida, California, or anywhere in the country for that matter. So if you have an article of clothing that starts with an “s” it is probably meant to be stored. And this goes for both boys and girls…

When looking at plastic bins, how do you know which one to buy? I originally bought the long bins on wheels to place underneath my bed, but when I started to unpack I realized I could only fit like five sweatshirts in it. After realizing this was not enough, I went out and bought bins with more volume in it (however, this one was not on wheels). If you think about it, the ones on wheels do sound better at the time because it is easier to pull out from underneath your bed; however, the more you can store the better.

So what is with all of the talk about the letter “s”? Sweaters, sweatpants, sweatshirts, and sports gear are all items that can be stored underneath the bed. There is no need for sweaters in the beginning of school and they can be so bulky. Lets be honest, when I was packing for school I told myself I could fit everything in my dorm, my mom obviously disagreed with me. Sound familiar? But, I proved her wrong (it happens every once in a while). By storing all of my ‘bulky’ clothing underneath my bed, I was able to have more room in my closet (if that’s what you want to call it). When the weather gets colder, the sweaters can be moved to the closet space on a sweater shelf organizer. Boys and girls bring tons of sweatshirts and sweatpants to school to wear to class or to even just lounge around the room in, but do not fill your closet with the bulkiness of these items of clothing. And as for the last “s”, sports gear, shorts and t-shirts can also be stored underneath your bed in storage bins. Leave the closet space (or lack thereof) for your everyday clothes.