Stripes have been trending from interior design to fashion design. Stripes are an easy way to bring in a pattern to any outfit or room without making it look too busy. Stripes are classic and timeless.

In interior design, stripes can be brought into a room through pillows, window treatments, blankets and many other accessories. Black and white vertical striped curtains give the illusion of taller windows. Black and white stripes match very well with many colors and also can spice up any room. Don’t be afraid to mix other patterns and colors with stripes. Pastel striped pillows and geometric bright pillows make a very nice combination. 

As far as fashion, a good way to style stripes into an outfit would be pairing a striped dress with a bright blazer and shoes. If you are not feeling bold enough for this style, try a striped ballet flat with jeans and a neutral blouse or blazer. For a dramatic statement, try tucking in a striped blouse into colored jeans with a gold or silver statement necklace. 

Hopefully these tips are helpful for everyone to incorporate stripes into their summer wardrobe or spice up their room! Check out my Pinterest to see these images and other stripe combinations!