Black and white will never go out of style. Separately they are two basic colors and together they are classic combination. So what makes this recurring arrangement of colors a trend? This season our favorite color combo has recreated itself in a way that is bolder, chicer, and surprisingly fresh. Although here at Dormify, we are totally fashion and décor obsessed, and we would be completely satisfied if our bedrooms and closets were taken over by black and white. The combination (if done right) just screams sophistication, style, confidence and glam.

The option of black and white clothing or home décor pieces is often dismissed since the market is saturated with other colorful trends of the moment: color blocking, neons, pastels, and florals. However, choosing to execute this trend within your wardrobe or home is anything but boring.

To pull off this trend you have to keep it current, and to keep it current, you have to execute the trend in a bold way. Solid black and white won’t cut it anymore. Think prints, bold shapes, patterns, and unexpected applications. Think “black&white” not black and white.

Take your toenail polish for example. Black toe nails, although once very cool, does not fit the trend. Try this instead. 

In the world of fashion, we have mostly seen variations of the black and white trend paired with a red lip or red nails. Cameron Diaz, Blake Lively, and the Kardashians are often seen in this combo. They are all strong, confident women who have a bold presence. 

In the home, however, Kelly Wearstler mixes black and white with mint green and gold accents for a fresh perspective. She makes any room look clean, sophisticated, and chic, but always with a twist. We’re obsessed.

What we really love about black and white is that no matter how dressy or casual your outfit or room is, the style always manages to be both at the same time. And with some help from Dormify’s new trend boards, you’ll always get the black and white look right.