Are you one of those people who loves inspirational quotes and sayings? I am. My junior year of high school, when the pressure to do well was crazy stressful, I kept Jac Vanek “believe” and “just breathe” bracelets permanently around my wrist. And the background image on my phone for the month I was waiting for college decisions was a quote about life going on no matter what. Maybe I was being a bit melodramatic, but I’m telling you – seeing these motivational blurbs every time I looked down seriously helped! 

Around the Dormify office lately, we’ve been discussing how sayings, mantras, manifestos, etc. are so important in a living space. Above my desk here in the office (see it featured on USA Today’s blog All Things Intern) I even have a card that says “life is what happens while we are making other plans.” So we’ve been brainstorming – how can one incorporate positive thoughts and ideas into their dorm room?  Here’s our list of posters, pillows, bedding and more for your room that’ll put a smile on your face and remind you of whatever inspirational message you need to be reminded of!


1). Manifesto Poster. It doesn’t get more clear-cut than this. A reminder of all that’s important in life, written down on a fabulous poster.


2). Be Nice Pillow. Whether you prefer the one that says “be nice” or the one that says “be nice or leave,” either way this stylish pillow will be sending a clear message. To yourself, it says to be a good person and do the right thing. And for all your friends and visitors, what better way to establish house rules and keep everyone on their best behavior?!


3). I Heart U! Throw. Feeling down? Need some love? This super-soft blanket will offer some necessary reassurance that you are loved…even if it’s just within your monogamous relationship with your bed.


4). Love Me or Leave Me Duvet. Along the same lines as the I Heart U! throw, this modern bedding with a heart pattern will remind you each and every night and morning that you are loved.


5). Go to the Gym Pillow. Less inspirational and more motivational, this blunt pillow will hopefully encourage you to head over to the gym! Not gonna lie, my mom bought one for me, crossing her fingers it will help ward off the freshman fifteen!

6). WeStopHate Posters. These posters made for Dormify’s partnership with WeStopHate were specifically designed to help boost self-esteem and remind you how awesome you are. They tell you to be who you are, to love yourself, and that you look lovely today – who wouldn’t want these hanging on their wall?!


7). Keep Calm Pillows. No matter if your mantra is to sleep, drink, or party on, this pillow is a trendy way of reminding yourself and anyone who sees your bed what you think is important in life.


This list is far from the complete range of options. Have a favorite quote, saying, or song lyric you want to put up in your room? Try writing it yourself on a picture frame like Dormify’s Doodlebook Frame or Chalkboard Frame, or on a dry-erase board like this magnetic one! The possibilities are endless. Good luck!