Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! It’s a special day for many, but for others like me it’s just “single awareness day”. But hey, who doesn’t like a holiday that revolves around chocolate! I know that finding gifts for guys is on the tougher side. It’s always harder for me to find gifts for my dad, my brother or my guy friends. Finding gifts for all my girl friends and myself is a piece of cake! I could shop all day long looking for new clothes, fun jewelry and accessories galore. Though ladies, this is a great time to give! If your one who usually has a tough time coming up with gift ideas, don’t give up now. Here are a few perfect gifts for the men (and they are relatively well priced, which means more shopping for you later!) 

1. Polo Ralph Lauren hat

2. Leather Change Base

3. J. Crew Valentine Heart Boxers


4. J. McLaughlin Ties

5. C. Wonder Noise Canceling Headphones