To avoid the dreaded “Freshmen 15,” there are amazing tech resources out there that you can help you tone up and keep the weight off. 

Nike Exercise Apps

Nike Training Club iPhone screenshots

Nike Training Club gives you different workout routines that can help you become lean and toned.  You can do these in the comfort of your home or at the gym. Nike+ Running App tracks your runs, how many calories you burn, etc. The app is free, but you will need a Nike+ iPod sensor.

YouTube Classes

fitsugar livestrongwoman 

I like going on my Xbox or my iPad to play these videos through my TV. It is like having a DVD without paying for it! I need to incorporate these more within my day!! Many also include recipes that are healthy and delicious! Here are my favorites: Fitsugar / Livestrong Woman 

I shared some tech accessories in an earlier post that can compliment your workout. Hopefully, they will inspire you to work it out in style!

Dormify Skull Earbud Headphones