Karen (Dormify CEO/ @thedormifymom,) Nicole (Dormify’s Biz Dev wiz), and I (Buyer/Press Director) had a day filled with meetings. 

I documented our day of back-to-back meetings through a series of couches. The words “have a seat, she’ll be right with you,” have never been so exciting. 

First stop, Kate Spade’s corporate offices. I admit it, the original purpose for this photo was to prove to my boyfriend that random, eclectic photo collages are cool and look awesome.

What does this couch teach us (and my boyfriend)? Things do not have to match in order to “go together,” and look great! 

Next trip was over to the Jonathan Adler headquarters in Tribeca where I was greeted by two more couches-with-character. The first couch (seen below) I would say is Jonathan Adler’s take on simple or neutral. However, not at all to be mistaken with minimalism. Because according to Jonathan Adler, “minimalism breeds pessimism,” and let’s face it – more is more these days! 

Inside the Jonathan Adler showroom I came across the below, chic but cheeky seating area. Much more ‘typical Jonathan Adler.’ Being the color scheme genius that he is, he pairs grey with yellow. Couldn’t agree with you more, JA! Ahem… Love Me Or Leave Me

Last stop, Madwood Media. Very Mad Men-esque and and atmosphere just screamed cool. While I was kind of upset that I wasn’t offered a bourbon cocktail to sip on during our brainstorm session, we had a fabulous meeting with a talented group of young television producers coming up with a million-and-one ways we could collaborate on upcoming projects. It is so easy to think creatively when surrounded by good design. 

So, there it is — a little insight into a typical day at Dormify through a series of couch photos.

My mind is still racing from all of the excitement from today’s meetings. It’s 1 AM and I’m ending my day parked on my L-shaped couch that fits perfectly into my tiny manhattan apartment living room. I’d send you a pic but my roommates are watching Glee and I don’t want to interrupt. (By the way I’ve never referred to them as “roommates” they have been my best friends since elementary school.)

Couch ya tomorrow.