I adore fashion and everything to do with shopping. Just browsing online or walking through boutiques or department stores, makes me so happy; I could shop for hours! I love spotting news trends in styles, colors and fabrics and I definitely would say that shopping a passion of mine. I treasure all my clothes and accessories and consider my closet as shrine of all my proudly purchased clothes.

Next year I will be in an apartment and I can’t wait to decorate my new bedroom! I am constantly fantasizing over all the options, including bedding, curtains, wall decor, etc.! I want to go for a clean, sophisticated look and I can’t wait to add some details into my decor to show a touch of my love for fashion.

Some of my ideas include framing quotes from some of my favorite style icons, including Katherine Hepburn, Kate Spade and Christian Dior. This quote from Kate Spade is one of my favorites!

To show more of my passion for fashion in my future decor, I plan on framing a bunch of my favorite shopping bags to create a gallery wall over my bureau or desk! I found this idea on Pinterest and I fell in love with it right away!

It’s hard for me to throw away some of the adorable bags that I’ve collected, they are just too pretty! I am go glad that there will finally be a way to put them to good use! And what a great addition to any fashion guru’s decor!

Here are some more great shopping bags from multiple stores that would look fabulous on any wall!