The British Invasion has hit again, as the 1939 British Propaganda “Keep Calm and Carry On” slogan and its various renditions have reemerged and exploded all over college dorm rooms across America. 

I shamelessly admit that I have given into the fad, along with my roommate. However, it is not as cliché as one might expect. Above my often unmade bed reads “KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON,” in black ink on a lavender background. However, my roommate uniquely has “NOW PANIC AND FREAK OUT” posted above her always tidied bed in a bold white font against a navy blue background. 

These contrasting mantras are not merely more goofy posters, but rather they speak to our individual personalities while still showing somewhat of a connection between the two of us.
The contrast is good because it is the first thing guests see when they walk into our room, and can immediately know whose side of the room is whose. Just one poster alone would just have been a cute but ordinary accessory to your wall, but if you try it with your roommate, the multiple posters will make a loud and exciting statement with the opposing messages.

The posters come is a plethora of comical options such as “KEEP CALM AND WEAR PEARLS” or “ROCK OFF AND RAVE ON.” Whatever distinctive personalities you and your roommate may have, you can make light of with these eye catching posters. They come in dozens of colors and sayings; find the one that suits you, and be original! 

All Posters” is great websites with an assortment of these funky phrases, or you can dare to design your own on “Zazzle”. 


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