OK- so I know it is still several months away, but I am so excited to decorate my room next year.  I am moving from a tiny dorm room in a hotel to an apartment with four of my close girlfriends. Going from a dorm room to an apartment is so exciting-mostly because there is more than one space to decorate! My friends and I are already throwing around ideas for the decor.

The first major issue that we know of: 1 bathroom for 5 girls. We plan to buy an over-sized mirror to put in the living room so we can have an extra place to get ready. I can already picture all of us sitting in front of the mirror with our makeup cases on Friday nights.

As for the color scheme, we know we want the space to feel bright and cheery. We are really loving pastel-pinks, turquoise and light gray.  We also love patterned rugs and think it is a great way to add more color to the living room without being too busy. I also love the idea of picture frame collages. Instead of traditional white backing, I plan on buying colored backing to match the colors in the room.


Is anyone else already planning out their next space? What interior design trends are you currently loving?