Hello everyone! 

In less than a month, I’m going to be moving into my new dormitory. I know a lot of you girls will be moving into your college dorm room or apartment sometime soon also.  There are different ways of decorating your dorm but one thing that I try to keep in mind while decorating is the usefulness. “Is this decoration going to be helpful in keeping my room organized?” This may be why I enjoy using lamps and lights to decorate my room. 

I don’t know about you girls, but I’ve always wanted a night stand next to my bed. I arranged my room so I could use the top of my drawer as a night stand. I will talk more about furniture arrangement in my next post. For those who will be living in a typical college dorm room that lacks space, please look forward to my next post! Anyway, I got a table lamp to use as a reading light. There are a lot of table lamps on sale with different designs. It’s a great way to express your individuality or use it as a statement piece in your dorm room! 


In addition to using table lamp, a different way to spice up your dorm room is using lights such as Christmas lights. You don’t have to put them up just during the holiday season. There are so many different ways to use them! 

1) If you have a hallway that leads you into the room, consider putting Christmas lights up around the entrance! 

2) Use lights with one pastel colored curtain. While pastel colored simple curtains may be a little bit boring, putting the lights up and then installing curtain over produces a romantic and princess-y sense. 


 3) Incorporate lights with pictures! Also hang them around the bed! You can use them in so many ways! You could put lights around the wall like the picture below. Another way you can decorate is by putting pictures on the light itself using clips. I feel like hanging lights around the bed makes for a very inspiring atmosphere. It’s not very difficult to decorate it this way. 

I know I will be using some of these to decorate my room for next year! I will be writing a post about arranging and decorating my room in less than a month. I’ll keep you all updated!