The new school year is coming fast and that means it is time to move out of your perfectly decorated bedroom and into a raw new space. The biggest challenge for me was trying to make my new dorm room feel like home. I found that adding a cute flower/plant to my room not only made my space more homey but was also a nice finishing touch for my newly designed dorm. 

But with the busy schedule of us college students, we do not exactly have the time to water a plant every day or to make sure that it is getting enough sunlight. So here are some cute plants that do not require a lot of water or sunlight but will still add a touch of life to any dorm room!

1. Desert Rose: This plant only needs to be watered 2 times a week but does like to soak up the sun. Its pink and white flowers are constantly in bloom adding a dash of color to all spaces!

2. Cactus: These pokey plants may seem a little hostile, but when in bloom they have vibrant colored flowers to brighten up your space. Cacti are probably the easiest plants to care for. They only need to be watered once an month and can go with little or lots of light!

3. Ponytail Palm: The ponytail palm only needs to be watered once every two weeks but loves to sit right next to the window in order to get plenty of light. These little trees grow very slowly and help to make your room a peaceful getaway. 

4. Bromeliad: This plant comes in many different colors so you can match it to any color scheme. They only need to be watered once a week and like their sun. 

5. Moth Orchid: This is my favorite flower. They do not like direct sunlight and only need to be watered about once a week. They also come in many colors and add an exotic touch to any space.

Good luck moving into your new space and making it your own. I hope these flowers help to bring life to your new dorm room!