When moving into a dorm room, space is very limited. And when you get a smaller room, along comes an even smaller closet. But just because you have a limited amount of space doesn’t mean you have to limit your wardrobe. My two favorite things that allow me to keep the majority of my clothes with me at school are: Wonder Hangers and Space Bags.

Wonder Hangers come in handy when you are trying to fit all your clothes in your closet. The hanger has about 5 slots so you can put 5 different items on one hanger. I recommend the metal Wonder Hangers, because they are stronger and sturdier. You can even cheat by putting two regular hangers in one slot. Wonder Hangers allow you to organize your clothes by type: t-shirts, sweaters, pants, etc.

Space Bags help when it comes to storing your clothes . Instead of keeping all of your out-of-season clothes in your closet, store them in space bags. You can also store blankets and linens. Space bags also allow you to transport more items at a time, so you don’t have to worry about leaving anything behind.

You should always remember to think vertically. Try to buy boxes and bins that can be stacked on one another. With these tips, you should have enough space to take care of all your belongings.