On-campus housing and off-campus rentals come with strict rules on upkeep. One of the many: no holes in the walls. No nails or screws to hang all of those wall decorations, pictures, or full mirrors that you need. Luckily, 3M has come to the rescue with their functional, reliable and stylish Command Adhesive Products.  

They have multiple options like general hooks, picture and frame hangers, decorative hooks, cord organization, bath products and organizational products. On their website, Command gives you lots of smart ideas for creative uses for these products (and coupons too!). Among my favorites are the picture frame hangers and the poster strips that I use to hang pictures and artwork on my walls. They even have a product called Sticky Nail Sawtooth Hangers that provides you with a nail-like hook that will hold up to 5 pounds without actually putting a hole in the wall.  Command products really give you great options for hanging, decorating, and organizing without damaging dorm and apartment walls.  

Command Jewelry Organizer

This year, I plan on getting some more decorative hooks for my apartment bedroom and possibly the new Command Jewelry Organizer ($14) which includes a small shelf and 5 hooks for necklaces and other jewelry.  They also have a line of bathroom hooks that work in the shower and on wet surfaces that I”m definitely going to check out due to the lack of shelf space in my apartment’s bathroom. Not enough good news for you? Here’s some more: you can find some of 3M’s Command products on Dormify.com!


Command Bathroom Hooks

**images from command.com**