As August begins, I started to think more about how I’m going to arrange and decorate my room for the upcoming school year. I’ve been looking at different dorm pictures and DIY ideas trying to figure out how I am going to go about this dorm transition. But before, going ahead and buying decoration pieces, I came to a realization that even though I bought a lot of things for my dorm room last year, there is still so much to get! So in this post, I decided to talk about making a list to make sure you don’t overstock on certain items. I know there are a lot of lists for colleges out there made by different brands. Those were what led me to making the typical freshman move-in-shopping mistake. 

  1. Don’t buy everything on lists that you find. Everyone is unique! It serves as a good guide to get some ideas about what you should get. Alter the list and create your own! 
  2. Talk to your roommate before buying anything. There are a lot of items that you will be sharing with your roommate whether it may be a shower curtain, rug, etc. Talk to your roommate and figure out who is going to purchase what! I know some people go shopping with their roommates and divide the cost evenly. But for me personally, I prefer making a list of items needed with my roommate and dividing items to purchase. This way, if you end up not living with your roommate for next 3-4 years, you girls won’t have to worry about who is taking what. 

At the end of my freshman year, I was packing to move out and I realized, “Where did I get all of this? I never used this the entire year. I’ve accumulated so much stuff in my room throughout the year! What? Why did I buy this when I moved in? ” Making a list will prevent you from making this mistake that I made. 

Everyone can turn their rooms to something more like this! So cute, cozy and of all, unique! 


It just takes careful planning and a creative mind! College dorm room is your home away from home. I will be posting the continuation of Dorm Transition 101 as I plan my dorm room. So please keep reading! 

Until the next time,
Happy planning!