Many influential styles for students’ dorm rooms come from the well-thought-out bedrooms of their favorite TV shows or movies. A great example of a show with very stylish bedrooms would be Gossip Girl.


This is Blair Waldorf’s bedroom in the show Gossip Girl. Her room is very modern and chic. She uses natural solid colors and adds a little glow making it the perfect mix of simplicity and style. A great Dormify product that would work well in this room would be the Be Nice Pillow.  Not only does it match the room well but also fits perfectly for Blair.


Also from Gossip Girl, this is Serena Van Der Woodsen’s bedroom. Her room is also very modern and it has nice light tones. It is a nice mix of solids, patterns, sandy colors and metallic. This makes the room both mature and fun. A cool Dormify pillow that would work well in this room would be the silver Blissliving Home Victoria Neutral or Sasha Pillow.

 The next room is a little less fancy and a little more girly.


This bedroom belongs to Elena Gilbert on The Vampire Diaries. Her room’s style is very sweet and simple and displays a lot of light pink and neutral colors. Two good Dormify pillows that would work in this room would be the Blissliving Home Jenna Pink Pillow or the Blissliving Home Bloomsbury Putty Pillow . Both pillows are very innocent which would work perfectly with Elena’s room.

 For this next room, there is kind of a mixture between Elena’s innocent-girly room and Serena’s classy-fancy room.

This is Marissa Cooper’s room from the O.C. Her room also incorporates pink, but its more elegant and traditional because of the antique looking furniture. Both the Dwell Studio Metallic Masala Pillow and the Shut Eye Pillow would go great in this room.

This next room is an example of an upscale New York bedroom.

This bedroom belongs to the ultimate New Yorker, Carrie Bradshaw, from the TV show Sex in the City. Her bedroom is modern with a great mix of colors. Since there is already so many colors and patterns, a good Domrify match for this room would be a nice plain pillow or throw. The Oh So Soft Cream Throw would look good or the Dwell Studio Metallic Masala Pillow

 This last room is a fun, hip and funky room.

This bedroom is Aria Montgomery’s from Pretty Little Liars. If you watch the show you know that Aria’s style is very different. She is artsy, hipster and imaginative. You can really see those traits through her bedroom. She has many cool pillows and has a dark tone with browns and whites and orange. A nice Dormify match for her room would be the Dwell Studio Vintage Blossom Pillow, because the pillow goes with the splash-of-orange theme, and the birds bring out her artsy side. Also the Blissliving Home Wisdom Pillow would be great for her room because it is very hipster and matches great with the color scheme.