A large part of succeeding academically in college is organization. Being organized makes it easier to get your work done in an efficient and timely manner. 

The key components to organizing school work consist of:

1. Paper Holder: I have found that keeping my work on my desk in an organized paper holder has helped me procrastinate less because it is right in front of my face. Also, it makes it easier when you are rushing to class to just grab your folders and notebooks and go. 

Vinea Stacking Letter Tray


2. Calendar: A daily agenda with due dates and appointments is a good way to make sure you never miss an assignment. A planner also allows you to make sure that you have enough time for those 10 page research papers and 30 minute presentations. 

3. Sticky Notes: When you are reading 5 different textbooks that all have dense material, sticky notes are essential! Many people highlight, but if you are renting textbooks this is not an option. 

Jonathan Adler Sticky Note Set


4. An Organized Computer: Make sub folders in the “my documents” folder renaming them with your different course titles. If you keep all of your work separated by these sub-folders you will not lose your documents in cyberspace, and if you ever need a portfolio for a class it makes it a lot easier.


I hope everyone uses these tips to get organized ahead of time!