Coming back to campus after a week of vacation is never easy, but it’s particularly difficult after spring break. After a week of relaxing, swimsuit shopping, and enjoying the beautiful sunny weather, I’m ready for summer, not six more weeks of school!

Even if your spring break was less than springy (mine included a day filled with snow flurries — crazy!),  chances are that you’re not exactly looking forward to getting back to your dark and dismal dorm room. But here are some dorm room decorating tips to brighten up your dorm room, so it’s just as inviting inside as the beautiful weather outside!

Let the sun shine!

Does your dorm room have a window? Pull up the blinds and open it up! The breeze and natural light will instantly make your room feel much fresher and ready for spring. If you’re unable to open up your windows, try using desk or floor lamps for softer, more natural light than the overhead fluorescent bulbs. Also, check out Dormify’s stylish dorm room curtains.


Nothing says spring quite like a bouquet of fresh flowers. And you don’t need to order a fancy floral arrangement: an inexpensive bouquet of daisies and a cheap mason jar gives the desired effect at a fraction of the cost!

Update your closet

March is a little early to send home all your cold-weather clothes, but  if your school is headed for warmer temperatures, update your closet accordingly! Try packing away some of your sweaters  heavier items (I’m putting mine in an empty suitcase under my bed).  Your closet will feel more spacious without those extra and it’ll be a lot easier to keep your dresser drawers neat and tidy without so many pairs of jeans and sweats.

As you begin to pull out your warm-weather clothes, make sure to go through all your tees and tanks. Chances are, you’ve outgrown or grown tired of at least a few of last summer’s pieces, so consider offering them to a friend or donating them to your local Goodwill. Can’t decide what clothes to bring back to school from break? Check out this great article by another Dormify Style Advisor for advice on what clothes to bring back and what should stay at home! 

Shake things up!

It’s easy to get stuck in a winter rut, but nothing welcomes a chance of season like a change of scenery! If you and your roommate are up for the challenge, try moving around your furniture for an immediate difference. But if you’re not ready for such a drastic change, consider updating your bed, desk, and walls. Switch out your pillows or flip to the reverse side of your comforter for a totally different look. If you’ve had the same photos and posters on your wall all year, change it up. Update your picture frames with some fun snapshots of spring break or past summer vacations — they’ll provide great inspiration during the last few weeks of school!

If your walls are feeling sparse, consider investing in some stylish posters or try making your own wall art! A friend of this Dormify style advisor used canvas and paint to personalize her dorm and this Colgate University student takes advantage of limited wall space with fun and creative collages. As for me, I love the bright green dry erase decals I added to the wall above my bed. They’re colorful and super functional.

Keep it clean

Nothing is worse than being stuck inside with a cold on a beautiful spring day. To avoid coming down with the sniffles, make sure to keep your space clean. I try to vacuum and use antibacterial wipes on a regular basis to keep my room free of dust and germs, but this Dormify Style Advisor has some more great ideas to ward off the dreaded spring cold.

Check out new storage solutions

As the second semester begins to draw to a close, your dorm room is probably starting to feel a little cluttered? Check out these dorm room decorating tips by Dormify to stay organized this spring.

How about you? How are you updating your dorm for spring?