Hello college!


To those who just started as freshman: we’re in the same boat! On August 23rd, I finally moved into my dorm after waiting around all summer for school to start. I was antsy, anxious, and super excited – decorating my dorm was VERY important to me. I knew that if I didn’t channel my energy into a project of some sorts, I would go crazy sitting there thinking about how sad I was going to be when I had to say goodbye to my home, friends, and family. I took some time away from moping about leaving home to search online for dorm decor. I ended up looking for hours and hours at gorgeous bedding, pillows, posters, lamps (yes gorgeous lamps), and sheets. My dorm was a way of expressing my style, re-inventing my look, and it was my chance to have a new bedroom with all new things.¬†Finally I had found a way to focus on the positives of school and without Dormify’s adorable items I wouldn’t have thought about freshman year the same way.


Dormify had all of the things I needed in order to keep my room fashionable, affordable, cozy, and comfy. For those OBSESSED with Twitter – I’m also a social media studies major so their hash-tag pillows are my fave! Check out my Paris-themed room below. I can’t wait to show you how my dorm transforms throughout the school year (and if I can continue to keep it THIS clean).

xx Kara


P.S. – The bubble stickers above my bed are chalk boards!