Headboards help make your room complete. They can add so much to a space and give your room the feel you are trying to achieve. The only problem with headboards is they are sometimes expensive, and as college students we aren’t always able to spend that much money on one piece. Here are some headboard ideas that would work both for a dorm and an apartment. Plus they all cost $50 or less, but look priceless!

I found these decor screen panels that come in a pack of four for $9. The pack of four includes hooks to attach each panel together. These would make a great headboard by buying two packs, attaching four individual panels together and then lining up the two sets of four panels next to each other on the wall behind your bed, so they act like a headboard. I recently purchased these in black and am planning to use them in my room! The Container Store.



Another option for a cheap, but chic headboard would be going to a local thrift store or antique shop and finding two window frames that are tall enough to sit behind your bed. You can then put fabric behind the windows and voila! You have a new headboard.


A great DIY project is to to go your local lumber store and to buy some 2×4 pieces of wood. Stain each piece and then sand them down a little bit to give off a vintage look. You could also use some old barn wood for a great rustic look. For step-by-step instructions on how to assemble go here. You can leave the stained wood as it is for a great look, or you can write a word or phrase like the photo above for something extra.



Lastly, go to your local antique store or a thrift store and find some old doors. If you want to have a vintage feel to your room get doors that are more worn down. This headboard idea is great for someone who isn’t as crafty, because all your have to do is prop the doors side-by-side against the wall behind your bed.

If you don’t see a headboard you like here, Google ‘DIY Headboards.’ Also, check out Dormify’s selection of headboard wall decals.

Making your own headboard or creating a headboard out of something unexpected is a great way to save money and bring a unique touch to your dorm or apartment.