We all know those girls down the hall that seem to have the cutest room in the whole school. You think to yourself, “How in the world did they think to do this?! I wish my room looked like that!” In this series, I’ll be showing some examples of girls’ dorms and explaining to you how and why they chose the decor. This should give you some ideas of ways to incorporate your personality, improve your organization, and make your room as functional as possible!

Here, at North Central College, our dorm rooms are not the biggest… In fact, they closely resemble a jail cell. For these first few posts, I’ll be showing you examples of dorms from my school and how the girls lightened up and greatened the space of their rooms.

This week, it’s Addison’s room. Addison lives on my floor, and she is one of the most outgoing and energetic girls I know! The reason I chose to feature Addison’s room was because of her organization. I, personally, am not an example for organization, and Addison’s use of elevated mini-shelves on her desk, Rubbermaid drawers, and over-the-door hangers were a good source of inspiration to get my room organized!  

Addison found a hiding spot for her laundry basket.

- Having an over-the-door hanger on your closet or your door can be very useful. It can be used as a drying rack for laundry, as a towel rack, or a place to hang coats, umbrellas, etc. I got one from Target for pretty cheap, and I use it to keep my many coats and purses out of the way!

- Addison says her favorite thing about her room is her fridge! “The number one thing I’d recommend to bring to college is a fridge with a freezer compartment!” Smuckers’ Uncrustables, TV dinners, and ice cream are some great snacks to keep in your freezer!

- A full length mirror as well as a personal mirror is beneficial when sharing with a roommate. This way, you can both get ready at the same time without fighting for mirror space!

- Target sells these awesome fabric baskets that are great for dorm living. Addison keeps some inside her Rubbermaid drawers to organize some smaller items.

With a light blue comforter, you could use almost any color of throw pillow: pastel pinks, purples, yellows, greens, and white and black!

- She likes that she put her desk right next to her bed because it also acts as a nightstand – a great way to save space!

- Another great space-saver in her room is the futon. Having an elevated bed leaves room for storage, so she keeps her futon underneath her bed when she’s not hosting a guest!

- Addison recommends to bring a few blankets as well. These can be great when you have friends in your room or when the heater isn’t working.

- Although a small detail, my favorite part about her room are the little shelves on her desk. They are great for maximizing desk space, and if you’re anything like me, it can help clear clutter and knick-knacks from your workspace! 

- As always, it’s important to have some sort of posters, pictures, or wall decorations to make it feel more like home! A little Ryan Gosling never hurt anything…

If you know someone with a killer dorm, email photos to me at [email protected]!