What’s your favorite color? 

Mine is yellow, in all its forms.

I like pale, buttery washes, punchy lemon hues and blindingly bright neon splashes. I even sort of loved the mustard yellow trend seen all over the place in fall 2011.


Why do I love it so? It makes me feel happy. And warm. Like that moment when you stretch out on a towel after a dip in the pool, and you can literally feel the sun’s rays warming your skin and lifting away droplets of water.

You might be nodding your head in agreement. Many theorists support the notion that colors stimulate an emotional and physical response, one that is consistent across cultural groups. Cool colors like blue and green are supposed to soothe the mind, while warm colors like red and orange energize and motivate action.

Do you agree with the associations in this table?

Color Associations


Color meaning is small subcategory of color theory, and a contested one at that, but I think it’s really interesting all the same. 

If you’re struggling to decide on a color scheme for your dorm room or apartment this fall, consider using common color associations as a guideline for decor. 

Decorate your bed with blue sheets, pillows and blankets for a peaceful sleep.

Blue Bedding from Dormify


Opt for red desk accessories to keep your brain alert and focused during study sessions.

Red Desk Items from Dormify

Place pink speakers and picture frames on your vanity or dresser and feel energized as you get ready for a night out.

Pink Dress Decor from Dormify

Or, you know, do what I would and stick with yellow. Because feeling blissfully happy in every corner of your room can’t possibly be a bad thing.