I am a true believer that one’s dorm space provides deep insight into the lives of its dwellers. So, naturally, my roommate and I seized the opportunity to express ourselves through design. We immediately focused on the generic carpeting and the sterile walls and ceilings and set out to transform them into a comforting, tasteful and livable space.

We chose a white, black and grey color scheme with a touch of turquoise as an accent. Two design innovations that get the most attention and did the most to transform our dorm were both purchased at IKEA: a comfy shaggy rug and a round pendant light.

When we could not find the perfect size and pattern rug to place between our beds, my roommate innovatively designed one by butting up three area rugs to appear as one. In addition to the rug, our dandelion light gives interest to our ceiling and truly finishes off the space.

We love entertaining. Therefore, we always stock up on lots of sweet treats including oversized pink gumballs to help lure our friends into our humble abode. I define our dorm style as cozy modern chic. A style that successfully reflects our personalities and makes our room a home.