When I’ve gone to Home Depot or Lowes in the past to look at the paint chips, I never saw the potential. I just liked the colors and would pick up the chips to admire them. But now I can see how there are so many creative ways to work with paint chips- DIY project, and it does help out that they are free!

Calendar: It’s easy to create a dry erase calendar with paint chips. Just pick your favorite colors and follow the tutorial!


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Frames: Add some color to picture frames with paint chips!


Circle Art: I love how this piece uses so many different colors; I may actually do this for my apartment. Circles are probably easier, but don’t be afraid to try some other shapes!


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Table Top: This is so awesome! And if you change your colors in your dorm or apartment, you can easily switch these out too!


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Monogram: This would be really cute to do with all of your roommates’ first initials!


Some other awesome DIY ideas with paint chips:

  • Boxes: I saw this really cool box DIY and thought it was adorable!
  • Paint Chip Name Tags: If you are an RA, I would definitely recommend this. If you don’t have a cricket, that’s fine; I would write on them with block letters or stencils.