Just because you’re in college now doesn’t mean that you have to go with the typical decor of posters taped up to your drab wall. A great way to display your favorite photos, pages from magazines and daily inspiration is by making a photo collage. Photo collages bring a sense of comfort to your dorm room, because you are surrounding yourself with images of people and things you love. Plus, since you can’t paint most college dorm rooms (or when you’re renting an apartment), photo collages can bring that extra pop of color to brighten up a lackluster space. 

A great solution for those of you who like to routinely change up your space is to have a photo collage like the one pictured above. I love that you’re able to change your photos displayed in the collage at any time, and it is super easy since they’re on clothespins. You can find a great frame for cheap at any goodwill or thrift store and paint it to match your room’s color scheme. It brings that needed splash of color while still being a fun and unique way to display your photos. Go here to learn how to DIY this photo display.


This photo display is one of my favorites. With its unique take on frames, it will bring a playfulness to any dorm or apartment. When thinking about your collage, don’t limit yourself to just pictures; you can include other items like your initials or favorite quotes like the collage above. This display would look gorgeous on a wall in your apartment or even above your bed in your dorm room. Learn all about this photo display and where to get these unique frames here.

Remember when creating your photo display, you don’t have to have all matching frames. Go to your local thrift store and buy frames that stick out to you. Don’t think about the shape, color or size of the frame, buy what you like. By purchasing all of these different frames, you will bring a uniqueness to your room. Don’t only frame your favorite photos, but frame letters written to you, magazine articles or even pieces of fabric or wrapping paper that have your favorite pattern on them. By framing these things, you will bring your personality into your room.

Once you have the look you want with different styles of frames and your photos and memorabilia picked out, the last thing to do is decide the layout of your photo collage. Above is a quick guide to different collages that will make your dorm room or apartment envied by all your friends!

Make sure you check out Dormify’s collection of frames and frame decals when planning out your display. There are some great options for the photo displays I mentioned!