One thing I struggle with is putting enough “me” into my room. It’s hard to do in college when you move all the time. However, it’s really important that you have a living space that feels like home when you walk into it.  So how do you make a temporary home feel special? After some brainstorming, I came up with a few ideas that could help me, and you, out.


Dream up a Theme

Pick a theme for your room. My biggest mistake when I have decorated in the past is not picking a theme. Focus on your favorite colors, favorite eras, or favorite kind of music and just go with it. A room looks much more put together when centered around one basic idea.


Treasure your Tales

I’ve made a habit of collecting one picture, poster or piece of artwork from every place I have visited.  So now, I have artwork from Ireland, London, Prague, New York, Los Angeles, Poland and Germany. This is a great way to personalize your room without cluttering it with little chatskis that you’ve collected. You get all the memories without taking up too much space.


Family Matters

Make a family montage. Collect your fave pictures from family vacations, holidays and adventures. Designate an area on your wall for your little collage. Every time you look over there you’ll be reminded of them.


Be a Visionary

Create a vision board resembling ones from Pinterest. This is a very personal thing because it can, if you want it to, contain all your hopes, dreams, goals and interests. Cut out pictures from magazines; write up your favorite quote in calligraphy, do anything you want. Vision boards can be great for personal fitness, fashion and life inspiration.


Put Yourself on a Shelf

Showcase your favorite books or items on a shelf. I call it my ‘Self Shelf.” It’s another place where I can look over and be reminded of all the things I love. What’s more personal than that?



Living spaces in college can be very limited. Which makes personalization tricky. The key is to keep things simple. College can be hard and coming back to a plain-jane, boring home can be a bit depressing. Make time to personalize your space so that you feel comforted when you walk in that door after a tiring day or hard test.