Personally, I have found that achievements and fun memories play a key role in making me smile. For this reason, I recommend embarking on your personal path to positivity with a shrine to happiness. Start by brainstorming what makes you smile and choosing which wall you will devote to happiness. For my own wall, I compiled my favorite photos, the awards I earned senior year and a few mementos that always put a smile on my face.

Next, get artistic! Incorporate your personal style and the theme of your room to decorate the wall of your choosing with the items you have chosen. It’s a great idea to mix in some pretty and motivational quotes, because they can truly help to brighten up a lousy day.



Part of my personal “Happiness Wall,” this wall art is a perfect combination of decorative and inspirational!


If you’re really passionate about something, like music, football or a sports team, try to find ways and pictures to add that to your wall. Pictures and personal photos will remind you of your favorite memories and are sure you make you laugh or at least smile!




Lastly, don’t be afraid to add flair. If you love pink – add in some pink floral decorations or if your bedding is covered in stars – stick up a few complementary sparkly stars amidst the other items on the wall! The project of building your own shrine to happiness is without a doubt a rewarding experience and should be a fun ones. It’s great to share it with friends or to do during a lazy, event-less summer day. In the end you will have an artistic, adorable wall to spruce up your room and will take a great step on the path to positivity – one decorative achievement at a time!


Two photos of the finished product (for now!). In my opinion, a happiness wall is always a work in progress. If you find yourself wanting to change certain pictures, the layouts, or to add a decorative spin on the wall, go for it! Do what makes you happy – that’s the whole point.