Although maps can be somewhat cliche, you can easily add some personality by zeroing in on an interesting location, or trying one of these styling tips. 


Collage your map with other posters and string lights to create a textured wall-filler. 


A vintage-y school map adds color to white walls. 

Use pushpins to display the places you’ve been, or where you want to go!


A pretty Paris map in coral doubles as a work of art. 

 A jumbo map of the U.S. adds depth to this room. 

 Get a map of your home state, it will actually be useful when you need directions!

 A non-traditional map can make a cool graphic design display. 

 Go floor to ceiling! This might be tricky in a dorm room, but could work in an apartment. 

 A world map in interesting colors can be a conversation starter.