Stephanie Kaplan (a.k.a. the co-founder, chief executive officer and editor-in-chief of loves spending time in her apartment’s living room “I like how clean and sleek it looks, with a modern flair.” Stephanie’s space is decorated with cute, fashion-forward knickknacks as well as coordinating contemporary finds creating a room “clean and  sleek.  It is uncluttered, balanced, and relaxing.”  What a wonderful place to spend time in!


What are some of Kaplan’s best interior decorating tips for girls living in dorm rooms? “Be picky.  It’s very easy to shop and shop and find a ton of items you like, but your space will end up looking cluttered and probably won’t have a cohesive feel to it.  Be extremely selective about which items you buy, and decide on a feel and theme ahead of time to guide your purchasing. “  Of course your first place to go to for cute room accessories is but Stephanie also said she got great pieces from “Ikea, west elm, Marshall’s, TJMaxx and Home Goods”


Overall, Stephanie’s apartment is a super cozy space that she has clearly put a lot of passion into decorating! Stephanie has tons of great tips for how to make any room look amazing and more secrets on why she loves her own space! Keep reading for Dormfy’s interview with Stephanie below.



Dormify (D): What makes this space unique? 

Stephanie Kaplan (SK): This is the living room in the apartment I share with my boyfriend.  It is a comfortable place to sit and talk or read or watch TV and relax after work.

D: What is your inspiration when shopping for this space and other spaces in your home?

SK: I like to look at home decorating boards on Pinterest and on sites like Houzz to get ideas for looks I like, and think about how to pick pieces that both my boyfriend and I will feel like match our style.

D: How can college girls emulate the look and feel of your room on a budget?

SK: The items we bought for this room were very affordable, at places like Ikea and west elm for furniture, and Marshall’s, TJMaxx, and Home Goods for accent pieces.  Many of the accents are our own photos, mementos, etc. from things in our lives.  Look for things that look expensive, even though they aren’t, by checking out designer rooms on sites like Houzz and Pinterest so you know what to look for.  Wait for sales at places like west elm before you buy (we got our rug on sale at west elm), and scour places like Home Goods for amazing deals.

D: What is the quickest way you could transform a bland room from drab to fab?

SK: Add some artwork to the walls!  Putting up real artwork, as opposed to just hanging posters, makes a room like much more grown-up and “done”. 

D: What are some of your interior decorating tips and tricks?

SK: Don’t over-decorate—nothing looks good when it’s cluttered.  Decide on a feel and theme for the room ahead of time (e.g., calm and beachy, or rich and ornate) and stick to it in your decorating.  Try out different orientations for furniture, pieces, etc. to see which setups make the room feel the biggest.

D: What is your mantra when it comes to interior design?

SK:  Be picky about what you buy.  Keep everything clean, sleek, and uncluttered and add personal touches.


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