Chances are, classes on your campus have already started. If you are a freshman, congratulations! You’ve made it past one of many college milestones–moving into your dorm room! Despite the wise words of older friends and family members who have “been there”, we are almost positive that your college experience will probably be different than anyone else’s. This is a great thing! You can now get what you want out of college based on your choices. Sounds easy and amazing, right? Lets look at the options. 

If you choose to get good grades (which we highly suggest) and lots of sleep (which everyone wants), you might not have a very active social life. If you choose lots of sleep and a social life, you will probably end up with poor grades.  If you choose good grades and a social life,  expect to get hardly any sleep. See where we’re going with this? It’s not always easy to make the best choices, especially when you are surrounded by your peers who may choose a different path than you do.

For those of you who choose to maybe focus on your social life, we suggest this “Go To The Gym” pillow. We don’t know the exact number of calories the word “social life” has, but we are guessing its probably a lot for college students. Stay healthy and active by visiting your campus recreation center often!


For those of you who choose to focus on your sleep, you should try out this Jubilee throw. Its SO soft and is perfect for those in-between-class naps that you will find yourself taking (having a great mattress definitely helps too)! Its the first time in your life you aren’t in a classroom for a whole day–take advantage of the down time!

If you are going to focus on studying, dress up your laptop by carrying it in this laptop case from Jonathan Adler. Not only does it come in fun colors and patterns, it protects your laptop in your bag as you carry it from the library to class and back to the dorm.

Choices can be easy if you take advice from the right people and listening to us has its benefits! The products featured in this post (plus all of these) are 15% off through September 15th with the coupon code LOVEFOR15.