After months of anticipation my glorious day finally arrived. Yes this past Tuesday, February 14, was incredible. I had a smile on my face and some pep in my step the entire day. I guess you could say this is what love feels like. I hope you don’t assume that I am referring to the fact that it was Valentines Day. I am talking about a very important lineup that came out. One that will be featured from June 7-10 (only 210 days away!) in Manchester, TN at the music festival: Bonnaroo. While I might appear to be a little over enthusiastic about my favorite music festival reveling this year’s artists, once you listen to this playlist that features some of this years’ Bonnaroo lineup I guarantee you will feel the same way!

1)   Radiohead- “Lotus Flower”

2)   Red Hot Chili Peppers- “Soul to Squeeze”

3)   Phish- “First Tube”

4)   Bon Iver- “Calgary”

5)   The Avett Brothers- “Kick Drum Heart”

6)   The Shins- “Australia”

7)   Foster the People- “Don’t Stop”

8)   Skrillex- “First of the Year”

9)   Dispatch- “Bang Bang”

10)  Feist- “My Moon Man”

11) The Roots- “Sleep”

12)  Alice Cooper- “Poison”

13) The Beach Boys- “Wouldn’t It be Nice”

14) Black Star- “Definition”

15) Ludacris- “My Chick bad”

16) Ben Folds Five- “The Luckiest”

The full lineup and ticket information can be found at