As I’m sure you all know the Olympics in London are coming up fast! It’s JULY already, and I don’t know about you, but I am counting down the days until opening ceremonies. One of the sports that is most focused on is gymnastics. It’s definitely one of the most exciting sports as well. To get in the spirit, I thought I would tell everyone about the girls that made the team and a guide to watching gymnastics! The basics: There are 4 events the girls compete in if they are all-around gymnasts. Those events are vault, bars, beam and floor. Vault is the event where they run and jump off a spring board toward the “horse” or “table.” Bars, also known as the uneven parallel bars, is the event with two bars where the girls do many moves where they release the bars. Beam is the event where the beam is 6 feet in the air and only 4 inches wide. Floor is a crowd favorite where the gymnasts show off their dance and tumbling skills. 

To start, the five girls are: 

1. Gabby Douglas: Gabby is a 16 year old gymnast from Virginia Beach, VA. She won the Olympic Trials last weekend in San Jose and is expected to be a huge help to this USA team. She’s strong in bars, vault and floor. She sometimes is inconsistent on beam. However, she is expected to score big in London!  Gabby\’s Routines From Olympic Trials

2. Jordyn Wieber: Jordyn Wieber is turning 17 on July 12 of this year. She is a former World Champion in the all around competition. Her major strengths are vault and floor. She’s also known for consistency, which is exactly what the U.S. needs to feel confident going in to these Olympics! Jordyn\’s Routines From Olympic Trials

3. Aly Raisman: Aly is the third best all around gymnast in the USA. She’s exceptional on vault, beam and floor. She is also very consistent and is a great aspect to the team. Aly\’s Routines from Olympic Trials

4. McKayla Maroney: McKayla is someone who is called an event specialist; which means she’s so strong in a particular event that she was added on team specifically for that event. For McKayla, that event is vault. She is known to have the best vault in the world.  McKayla\’s Routines from Olympic Trials

5. Kyla Ross: Kyla is also an event specialist and that event for her is bars. She can be a strong all around performer, but she shines brightest on bars. Kyla is the youngest on the team, she is turning 16 this October and has never represented the USA in a major competition. Kyla\’s Routines from Olympic Trials

These 5 extremely hard-working girls have secured their spots for London. It’s going to be amazing to watch them compete. While watching, keep a couple things in mind. Even tiny wobbles, or steps out of bounds, can make a big difference in a person’s score. Even though it may seem like a small deduction, those little deductions can add up and really hurt a team and/or all around score. So, we’re hoping to see the U.S. team have as little mistakes as possible to finally take home the gold!


Don’t forget to rock your red, white, and blue :) GO USA!