Since the day I replied to one of Dormify’s tweets with my resume, officially applying to intern in their NYC office for summer 2012, I had no idea what to expect. I wasn’t even sure if I’d get a response! But as soon as I began in June, I knew my experience as a Dormify intern would be one I’d never forget.
As an intern, my responsibilities ranged from copywriter to phone-answerer, from cleaning lady to graphic designer to brainstormer and back. My assigned tasks changed on a daily basis, but I loved that I was always kept on my toes and busy, busy, busy!
Some days, I was an idea girl. I would come up with options for new wall decals, blog post suggestions to send out to my fellow Style Advisors, design inspiration for new products in the Greek line, or interview questions for the next Focus On.
Other days, I concentrated on the website: writing the “as seen in” blurbs for products that had received media attention, re-directing website searches, or helping to curate and describe new collections like the Purple Reign Collection, the Fall Into Fall Collection, and the New Age Neutral Collection.
One of my favorite things to do was to act as “Dormify” – when I got to log in to either the blog or Facebook as the official company! It made me feel so important to post and write as the brand. As Dormify, I posted and captioned albums of pictures to Facebook (like Dormify’s features in Seventeen and photos of Dormify’s #getschooled event!) and uploaded blog posts about hot trends. I also spent a lot of time creating and sending individualized design plans to customers who input details about their personal style and color preferences. When you got a design plan from “the experts at Dormify,” that was me!!
Additionally, as a rising college freshman and Dormify’s target audience, I was often called upon for my opinion. I helped pick new products for Dormify to sell on the site, helped choose color palettes for the WeStopHate partnership posters, and helped my peers decide on bedding and more at the Westchester trunk show.

All in all, my summer as a Dormify intern was an exciting few months filled with design, fashion, copywriting, and public relations all in the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. To all my bosses and mentors at both Dormify and their sister company, Hirshorn Zuckerman Design Group (HZDG), I can’t thank you enough.