This summer, I was given the privileged opportunity to intern for Dormify at the Rockville, Maryland, location. I became a Style Advisor during my freshman year of college and decided to apply for a summer internship in hopes of gaining even more experience.

Not knowing what to expect, my first day on the job was more than ordinary. I was assigned to help out with a photo shoot featuring all of Dormify’s latest and hottest products like the Teal Ikat Duvet. I quickly got acquainted with all of the merchandise and spent the day accessorizing bedroom displays.

Though much of my internship involved working with Dormify’s products and merchandise, I was also able to gain great writing and social media experience. A large portion of my time was spent editing, managing and creating the blog content that gets posted to Dormify’s website each day.

I learned how to use digital publishing software like WordPress and became proficient in working professionally with social media networking. Most importantly, I was able to communicate directly with other Style Advisors, interview various designers and help orchestrate events like GW’s Colonial Inauguration and Dormify’s Get Schooled event.

More than anything, working at Dormify allowed me to gain a whole new perspective on the business and social media job market. The dedicated Dormify employees guided me when needed but also allowed me to be independent and work creatively on my own.

So if you’re looking for a way to build your resume, get social media/business/journalism experience and have a little fun all at the same time, apply for a Dormify internship at the Rockville or NYC location! For more details, contact [email protected]