When you look through a magazine, where is the first place your eyes go? The table of contents looking for the best advice for your wardrobe? The beauty pages to find the best makeup looks? Or maybe it’s the very back of the book so you can see your horoscopes for your latest relationship advice. But let’s be honest, your eyes probably dart to the person on the front of the magazine. Whether it is the model, the celebrity, or the girl next door, they always look good, and you secretly want to look just like them. But you do know that’s not them, right? Or should I say that’s not how they really look.

Teenage girls and women all over have wanted to look like these Photoshopped divas their whole lives without thinking twice that their appearance is already fine the way it is. Why should we look like the girl society wants us to be, when they should just accept us for who we want to be? Recently, young women have spoken up about the negative influence that magazines have on today’s society.

Teenage girls have been protesting and petitioning to magazines, such as Teen Vogue and Seventeen, to use real girls in their issues. Seventeen is very popular among teenagers for using real girls in their issues. In their latest August issue, Seventeen released their new Body Peace Treaty, promising to celebrate every female’s body and to provide them with the confidence to make them feel beautiful. They even showed the real changes they make to the photos in their magazine. A petition was signed with over 20,000 signatures showing their support to change the ways of the magazine world.



Teen Vogue, the little sister of Vogue magazine, has been known to use young models or celebrities in their issues, showing more of the perfect image of a young woman. After the protest, Teen Vogue sent out a statement saying that they do not Photoshop their images, but the girls would love it if they said it in their magazine.

This is a step forward in the right direction toward the social standards of woman that society has put upon us. Yes, there are some beautiful women out there, but that doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful yourself. Together we can make a change of how the world should accept us, one page at a time.