In the past few years I have noticed a drastic increase in music sampling between different genres of music. Sampling is simply one artist taking any part of a recording (can even just be instrumental) and applying it to his or her own track. This popular form of music collaboration has allowed one sound to invent and reinvent itself multiple times and trend through many different genres. Some songs are very obvious in their usage of sampling while others are a little trickier to decipher. Here are a few fantastic examples of popular songs that have been sampled into new genres of music.

1)   Sufjan Stevens- “Chicago” –> Chiddy Bang- “All Things Go”

2)   Bon Iver- “Woods” –> Kanye West- “Lost in the World”

3)   Jennifer Hudson- “And I’m Telling You I’m not Going”–> Lil Wayne- “You’re Gonna Love Me”

4)   Adele- “Melt My Heart to Stone” –> Childish Gambino “Do Ya Like”

5)   The 45 King- “The Number 900” –> Mac Miller- “Party on Fifth Ave”

6)   Band of Horses- “The Funeral” –> Kid Cudi- “The Prayer”

7)   Michael Jackson- “Wanna be Starting Somethin” –> Rihanna- “Please Don’t Stop the Music”

8)   Empire of the Sun- “Walking on a Dream” –> Wiz Khalifa- “The Thrill”

9)   Ray LaMontagne- “You are the Best Thing” –> Mike Posner- “Do U Wanna?”

10)  Mumford and Sons- “White Blank Page” –> Timbaland- “Not My Happiness”