Some call it syllabus week. Others call it welcome week. Whatever they call the first week of classes at your university, it’s pretty much a given that its not going to be difficult and will probably be one of the best weeks of your semester. Professors usually just give you the syllabus and schedule for the class, let you know their expectations for the semester and let you go. This is great if you were out late the night before or if you are easing back into a “schedule” but it’s hardly any indication of what your semester is going to be like. Sure, there will be plenty of time for social activities but there are plenty of other things to do around your campus.

Because your classes are usually short the first week of school, it’s a great time to explore campus and find things to become involved in. Here are some of our favorite student organizations to get involved in complete with ideas for what to bring along with you to help you lead the organization in no time flat!

Student Government: We can’t think of a more well-connected group of students on campus. These are usually the kids who want to make a difference on and off campus and most likely will. They probably are good friends with the university president and frequently lunch with other student leaders. We suggest you bring a notebook to your meetings to take notes (try this ipad case if you are more tech savvy) and use these sticky notes to mark your place in the student code you may be dealing with!

Greek life: Greek organizations can connect you to college students across the world who share your same beliefs and values. There are plenty of ways to get involved once you join an organization, so the potential for growth is amazing! Find out when recruitment is on your campus and be sure to keep notes on the organizations you visit with one of these “I met and liked” notebooks so you know which ones you want to go back to (based on your interests)!

Professional Student Organizations: The Public Relations Student Society of America. The Student Society of Professional Journalists. Joining organizations like these will put a jump start into your career if you regularly attend their events. Take advantage of the networking opportunities these organizations provide you with and finding a job may be easier than you thought it would be. Act professional at meetings with these binder clips so you look like you know where you left off last meeting (even if you don’t really remember)!


Residence Halls Association: Whether living in the dorm was a good or bad experience for you, the Residence Hall Association is a great way for you to voice your opinion and change the way students live on campus. This organization might have an office for students who are involved to work in, so we suggest desk accessories in bright colors to make sure everyone knows where the fun’s at (who says you can’t have fun AND be powerful?)!

If you don’t have these organizations at your school (but want to get involved), contact your student activities office! There are probably really happy, helpful people waiting for students like you to help make a difference (while staying stylish).