Is everybody ready for a fun, festive weekend that will hopefully be full of luck? We hope you all have exciting plans to celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day in style. If you need help, here are a few tips from this past week’s posts that could get you started for the weekend.   

On our blog this week, we focused on ways to stay fit in college, a few words of inspiration & creative candle bags. We also learned several ways to not only stay lucky this weekend but to feel lucky every day. To help make your St. Patty’s Day festive, we have some fun prints to hang on your walls that you can now purchase on our IPhone App!

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Check out what we have been doing & who we have met at SXSW:

We met Teen Vogue’s beauty editor, Eva Chen who loved Dormify and our very own Stephanie Hayman’s vintage pinky ring! We were obsessed with these charging stations that Fedex provided since we’re ALWAYS looking for someplace to plug-in.

Along with shopping for festive decorations and outfits for this weekend, we have been learning about new fashions to get into to and helpful skin remedies for a beautiful complexion

Be sure to keep yourself updated by visiting our tumblr or twitter so you don’t miss out! If  you’re a very busy person, you can always rely on me to give you the low down on Dormify every week. Have a great weekend and a safe and lucky St. Patrick’s Day!